Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday School Work Day

Our sunday school class volunteered at a local school, Cornerstone Middle School, to help their science teacher build an ecoscape in the side yard for the students to use. Andrew and I went yesterday morning and helped out. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work.


Hello all! I decided that I will start to blog after Andrew and I decided that we would go on a mission trip through our church, Dawson Memorial Baptist. We are going to Ecuador April 18 - 26th. That's less than three weeks away! Sheesh! It's kinda last minute but I know that God is preparing the way for us. Currently, there is a Dawson Missionary living in Tena, Ecuador right now, Steve Thompson, and we are going to help him in his efforts. We will be holding a medical clinic, building a dormitory for Steve to continue training other local pastors, holding a VBS, and door-to-door evangelism. I will be helping in the medical clinic with administering vision tests, handing out eyeglasses, eyedrops, etc. Since Ecuador is on the equator (it's where the word Ecuador comes from), their eyes dry out really badly apparently. Yes I am helping in the medical clinic, no I have no medical experience. This outta be interesting. I plan on blogging while I'm down there to keep everyone posted on what's going on. I'll be posting a lot in the future about preparation for the trip! Andrew and I are really excited!