Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Andrew and I had a wonderful weekend with Andrew's family. Lucky for us, Beth, Phil and Gracie Patterson came to Birmingham for the weekend. The weather was beautiful and we had so much fun spending time together. We grilled out, played baseball with our neighbors, attended church, played ping pong and finally, stopped by the Ross Bridge Charity Classic that was hosted by our neighborhood, Ross Bridge. The girls only stayed a little bit due to the fact that we were bored watching golf! So we went back to the house for some girl time and to play with Sadie until the boys got home. Sadie had lots of play time this weekend between Gracie, Andrew's 7-year old neice, Mills, our 2-year old neighbor, Lauren & Caleb, our 6-year old twins living next door and Sara Lauren, our 6-year old across-the-street neighbor. Sadie is literally dragging around the house right now!

Gracie and Sadie

I feel the need to take a second and talk about my amazing husband. He helped me so much this weekend in hosting his family! For example, this morning he woke up early and unloaded the dishwasher, then loaded it back up, made the coffee, baked the biscuits and cooked the bacon. Then, as we were dashing out the door for church, he fixed my coffee for me! Thanks Andrew! I really appreciate you!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Our trip to Ecuador was great!

A group of 16 people from Dawson Church went to Ecuador to help a long-term missionary couple living down there, Steve & Carol Thompson. They are just regular folks who lived in Texas and felt the call to be long term missionaries in Ecuador. Wow, do I have a whole new respect for missionaries! After spending time with Steve and Carol, I saw how much missionaries give up to pursue what they've been called to do. What a great couple.


Andrew worked in Steve's camp- Camp UNPES- and helped to build interior walls at this camp, along with 40 new church pews. I worked in the lenses area of the medical clinic. We saw over 2,000 people!!! 2,000 in 4 days. It was crazy hard, but totally worth it. Basically, our team tested people for glasses- we gave out glasses for both nearsidedness and farsidedness. It was really rewarding to help people read their bibles, sew better, walk better, etc etc. It was really neat to see the happy reactions.
Along with the medical care received at the clinic, the gospel was also preached during spiritual counseling. Every person who was treated was required to attend spiritual counseling. It was really neat because between 90 - 100 Ecuadorians made decisions for Christ!

Spiritual counseling led by a local pastor, Jairo

Lenses Team

Camp UNPES- where Andrew worked all week

Cruisin' the Napo River
Andrew & I at the equator