Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello Neighbors

Yes, there was a firetruck at our house late last night. No, there was not a fire. Last night, while setting the house alarm before going to bed, Andrew's finger hit a "wrong" button on the key pad. I heard something give a long beep, but didn't think anything about it because I was snuggled up comfortably in bed ready to drift off asleep. About the time Andrew crawled in to bed, his cell phone rang. Strange. It was a 918 area code or something random like that. Andrew hit ignore and laid down.

About 3 minutes later his phone rang again and it was his dad. Alarmed, Andrew answered it. His dad was calling to tell us that the alarm company had called him and had dispatched an ambulance out to our house. Andrew hung up, we freaked out, and then we hear a knock on the front door not 2 seconds later. It was a fireman (not sure what happened to the ambulance) with his huge, flashing firetruck in our short driveway. Andrew told him nothing was wrong, just pushed the wrong button on the keypad. Sadie was barking, I was now wide awake, and Andrew was flustered. times. At least we know our public safety officials respond quickly!