Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two Things...

1.) Headed to the beach tomorrow. House on Watercolor Beach with friends. Can't hardly stand the excitement.

2.) Made these divine Caramel Swirl Hunks for dinner with friends at our house and they turned out great. Serve with a scoop of lowfat vanilla ice cream and wala! Fab dessert. Check out the recipe on my friend Rushton's new blog. She combines scripture with recipes. Neat concept!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


What a weekend! The Pattersons visited us from Nashville. It was such a joy to spend time with them. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen on Friday night and then woke up on Saturday and I fixed scrambled eggs, blueberry muffins and bacon for everyone. We needed some good fuel for a long day of shopping ahead. We then left and shopped all around Birmingham on Saturday for nursery furniture and linens for the crib. Storkland in Birmingham afforded us the perfect glider for our nursery. After that, we made our way to Pottery Barn Kids and perused their changing tables. We found several really nice ones but think we'll go with something different. After lunch at the always delicious Edgar's Bakery, the women (boys+long day of shopping=no good) visited Three Sheets Linen Shop for crib bedding ideas. I found some precious fabric by House Inc.

I love this argyle fabric above from House Inc. I thought it was the perfect combination of handsome and sweet. It's definitely a contender folks. And I know you were on the edge of your seat wondering. Ha!

After a long day of shopping Andrew and I headed out to Greystone for a fabulous engagement party for our friends Trey Woodruff and Allison Moore. After much chatting with friends, we set out for home around 9pm. We were exhausted.

Something in me really really wanted to go to the 11:00am traditional service on Sunday morning so I talked Andrew into going. We normally go to the contemporary service at 8:30am, so we knew we were in for something different. The service was amazing. The choir at Dawson is just phenomenal- you can just tell they're so, so good. The preaching was equally as good and just confirmed in my heart that sometimes God moves in you in little ways to direct your paths. Something as little as putting a desire in your heart to go to a different service!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm not normally a wide open person who tells everybody everything. I generally deal with things on the inside. But this is too big not to share. And, if I have a blog, heck, I might as well use it as something other than picture posting.

My life is about to totally change. There I said it. Totally change. Come late August/early September I will be a full-time stay at home mom. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be able to stay at home and take care of our little baby, but at the same time I'm scared. I'm scared because it will be a total change to not get up and go to work Monday through Friday, not have a boss, not always struggle to balance work and home life. Every day will hold a new schedule, new challenges and new demands on me. Am I prepared? No. Of course not.

Being scared has turned out to be a good thing though. It's caused me to pray. I'm praying everyday for what's ahead: the change in my life, a healthy baby, healthy delivery, and a wonderful start of a new life. After I pray I just feel better about everything, ya know? I know that God is in control and he's hearing my prayers. I have to frequently remind myself to depend on the Lord for everything, and not only this but everything that is to come. Luckily, I have a partner in all this craziness who is praying too. My husband. He's so great yall. He's so supportive of everything and listens all the time to my fears and uncertainty about being a mom.

Just thinking about all my time at home has me excited though. I envision myself doing more baking, visiting family more often, shopping for deals, having a cleaner house, spending summers with Caitlin, smocking, and really celebrating holidays. Side note: sometimes I just feel like holidays just fly by and I never really stop and enjoy them! More than this though, I'm looking forward to seeing our little man discover sounds, tastes, people; see him take his first bite of real food, see him take his first steps, hear him say his first word; teach him his colors, ABCs and please and thank yous; teach him Bible stories, tell him about the life of Jesus and train him in the way of the Lord.

All in all, I'm eager to see what the future holds but at the same time I'm scared. A life change is just...unsettling. But for now, we just wait....and pray.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Belly Shot

The little man is gettin' bigger and bigger and as a result, so is his mama!!  This week will mark the halfway point for my pregnancy, meaning that I'll be 20 weeks along.  I can't believe it's halfway over!  If the last half goes by as fast as the first, the little guy is gonna be here in no time!  

This week will begin my search for nursery furniture.  Apparently I need to go ahead and order my crib and glider, so I'll be researching and shopping for those this week.  I'm leaning toward an iron crib in an antique white finish, sorta like the one below.  There's just so much to think about.  Like, for example, should I buy a dresser and use it as a changing table or should I buy a changing table with baskets?  And, how am I going to arrange all this furniture in the little bedroom upstairs?  Decisions, decisions.

And then one last thing.  We are working on a name people!  Honestly, we really had not talked about names before we knew the sex of the baby.  Now that we know, we will start brainstorming and discussing our options.  I promise.  If you have any ideas, feel free to pass them along!  

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Big news to share: it's a BOY!!!!!!! We went to the dr. yesterday and saw our little guy on the monitor. He's a boy! He was kicking and moving all around.

We are so excited!!! I am already buying cute little blue outfits!! : )

All indicators show that he is healthy- he is 11 oz. and I am measuring actually a little bit ahead. It looks like he will be born at the end of August instead of September 2nd. That's fine with me. I'd rather go early than delay it!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today I am 18 weeks!! Almost halfway through my pregnancy. Crazy! My belly is definitely growing bigger and I feel just all around heavier, but overall I'm feeling good. The second trimester is way better than the first. That's for sure. Good things are coming in this trimester- vacationing with friends, finding out the sex of the baby, and getting started on the nursery.

Now I can feel the baby kick which is exciting. It's like a gentle reminder from the baby throughout the day saying, "hey lady, I'm here. Don't forget about me." The best is when he/she starts kicking when Andrew begins talking. The kicks are getting more and more frequent too. It's such a funny feeling, kinda like you're getting flicked on the inside??? Does that make sense? Anyway, we find out the sex on April 8th- one week actually. We absolutely cannot wait. After that, will come name discussions (we have been putting this off until after we find out), registering, and nursery painting. Such a wonderful, exciting time ahead! Thanks for joining me on this new adventure of our lives!