Monday, October 26, 2009

Family, Friends, Football and the Fair

I just polished off a slice of freshly baked pumpkin bread paired with a hot cup of coffee. Not a bad start to my day!

Let's see....this past weekend we had Andrew's family in town. We did a lot of watching:

Both of William and of college football. If you did not see/hear about the UT v. AL game, you must live in a hole. It was so good. What a game! Can you tell who we are for? The amount of orange in the room was hilarious. Even the Sadie Lady wore an orange ensemble:

Gracie showed off her Halloween costume:

On Sunday, the Capstickdales and the Bantas came over to visit with us and the Pattersons. We ended up laying the two munchkins down side by side for a photo op:

Then Rylee and William just sorta grabbed hands.....outta nowhere:

Just kidding, we staged that.

After lots of admiring, we headed out to the Town Fair with the Bantas.

William had a BLAST at the Fair. He opened his eyes for maybe 2 minutes, then fell asleep and slept through the whole thing:

Not surprising, as it was during his "sleeptime."

So then I put him in the sling:

In other news for the week:

running: I ran for the first time since giving birth yesterday. Yall, I felt like a fat lady with everything a jigglin' and movin' as I'm running down the street! I haven't used those muscles in about 10 months and today, they are none too happy about it.

Paula Deen: I baked two loaves of pumpkin bread out of Paula Deen's cookbook. YUM YUM! I'm sure this doesn't help the above mentioned activity.

supper: I need to cook more of it. I love to cook but William loves to play right during dinner prep time. I am trying to figure out how to do both simultaneously.
That's all for now! Gotta fold laundry!


Happy Monday!

We had a great (and busy) weekend! More on that to come SOON! Promise!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Pics From the Weekend

**If you have not read the post before this, please stop and do that now. Or else, these will just be a bunch of random pictures!

**All photos courtesy of Annie : )

Sunday, October 18, 2009


It's cold outside, yall!

This weekend we welcomed Annie into our home for a delightful weekend visit.

William LOVED her.

We had a BLAST chatting, making inside jokes, shopping and eating brownies! She is preggo (woo hoo!) so she got to see a glimpse of her future life with a baby! I can't wait to find out if she's having a boy or a girl, but more importantly to meet her sweet little bundle of joy. Now granted, she's 17 weeks along, but I'm still anxious.

She taught us a little something too - a new playtime activity:

Playing on our (temporary) changing table! William loved to just lay there and kick and look all around. Once you get passed the changing of the diaper, he enjoys being there!

Kid has some serious eyelashes! What a stud.

Aunt Annie also crocheted William a blanket too!! A beautiful green and cream one. In case you missed him, William was wrapped up in it in the very first picture on this post. soft and cozy!!!

Last week I also began working on the side a little. I am going to keep the books for two local small companies. I won't list them for privacy reasons : ) I hope you understand; I don't want any weirdos hunting me down.

I hope to make a little extra cha ching and be able to do it on my schedule (aka William's!).

Ok, that's all for now. Until next time....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

They Call Me...

Since I've been at home now for 5 weeks or so with William I have been able to determine my real role as a stay at home mom. Sometimes being a mom is great, other times are not so great. But I love my little boy. He is so sweet and cuddly. He just melts my heart when I look at his little face.

I digress.

Below is a quick list that states what my resume "description of duties" would look like:

Urine Target
Hiney Wiper
Poop Analyzer
Nursery Rhyme Singer/Performer
Gas Eliminator
Milk Manufacturer

These are just some of my duties that I perform throughout the day. Glamorous? No. Rewarding? YES. He's totally worth it. And then some.

Now to completely change subjects to this past weekend. William's great grandmother came in town to meet him. He melted her heart too:

And William's great aunt got to see him as well.

This is about 10 seconds before he spit up on her. See, the thing is, he hardly ever spits up. He really only does on new, unsuspecting guests.

Great, now I've scared you all away. Don't let that deter you from coming and visiting. We provide burp cloths to company now.

It's Thursday afternoon as I sit here and type and drink my afternoon coffee. A sleeping baby and a cup of coffee is just so relaxing. I better go and take advantage of the rest of nap time. Toodles!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mind the Sign

Now that I'm a protective motherbird I can appreciate these neighborhood signs. I will now let up on the gas and actually watch out for others' little ones!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello Friends.

It's me.

And I've got something to say.

I'm really happy first thing in the morning.

I like to move my arms all around.

And smile while mommy fixes her breakfast.

I'm such a happy boy.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life Is Good

We had our first official "outing" without the baby on Saturday night. My good friend Aimee kept William while Andrew and I attended the wedding of Trey Woodruff and Allison Moore, our friends from church. The wedding was beautiful. We just love them.

Aren't they a great couple? So happy.

But more importantly, we got out. We GOT OUT. Glorious. This picture says it all:

Happy Sunday!