Friday, February 26, 2010


Greetings this morning from the Patterson household!

The sun is coming through the windows right now in the living room and that makes me HAPPY. And you know what else makes me happy? I am all caught up on housework! Yep, the laundry is done, floors are swept and swiffered, dishes are clean and put away and the countertops are freshly wiped! I deserve a reward. I think I'll go eat me a Hershey kisses or two in a minute.

I am about to head to the first of many consignment sales this spring/summer. It's time to rummage through other people's kids clothes and try to snag William some new (used) threads! It's consignment season ladies! If you live in the Birmingham area, check out the mother of all consignment sale lists.

This weekend we are heading to the Pattersons house in Nashville to celebrate Andrew's parents birthdays. I'm not gonna lie, I'm really excited about having extra hands to take care of William. Mommy's arms need a break! The little stinker is gaining some weight, that's for sure. Like a sack of potatotes.

And last I wanted to leave you all with a picture of William's new "hobby":

He loves to pull hair!

Have a great weekend! Be back soon!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello Wednesday

Hi friends! I'm lovin' the comments! I figured after my hiatus from blogging that I had lost all of my readers. It's good to know that you all are still reading. Thanks for being patient!

My blog posts will always probably be short and in need of editing and formating, but frankly, I don't have time to do that. And I surely don't have time to think about deep topics to write about, so for now it will be updates on William and other random happenings. In other words, don't come here for spiritual inspiration, thought-provoking topics or quality entertainment. Hope yall don't mind!

William and I are justa
rockin' and a rollin' here at home everyday. He is now developing a little personality- he's "talking" and chuckling and responding when I do things. He especially loves when I play tickle games with him on our bed. It's kindof gratifying to have a two-sided relationship after all the hours of baby care that I've logged in!

And then in "non William" news, it snowed! I would say a good 2 - 3". Crazy! Our neighbor's little boys made this adorable snowman:

I hope everybody is having a good week! This afternoon is playgroup and I am really looking forward to it! Now I better go work on my chicken pot pies so we'll have something to eat tonight!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday Best

I just love my little monkey.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Well it's been a while, I know. It's hard to find time for everything when a baby takes nearly all of your time, energy and attention. Those babies are needy! And speaking of baby....

You know I'm gonna post pics.

Rice cereal is going better than it was! He is starting to want rice cereal and that is definitely a step in the right direction! Pretty soon I will be adding baby food to his daily menu (along with breastfeeding). Suddenly, feeding William just got a lot more complicated than it once was. It was so easy just to whip "it" out and feed him, anytime, anywhere. Now I've got to follow up with all this other stuff.

And speaking of baby food, I am trying to figure out how to make my own. Apparently it is more economical than buying the jars. Our blender has a setting that says baby food, so I've got that part figured out, but what do I store it in? Do they sell empty baby jars? I've got to figure all this out!

William has been busy busy busy rolling over! He rolls and rolls and rolls. He's a busy boy. I told Andrew that I feel like everyday he gets a little bit more energy. It's like everyday that passes he gets less and less "chill" and more and more "active." He just takes it all in everyday, putting things in his mouth, touching everything, grabbing at me and every object that I have in my hands. Dinner is getting more and more tricky to prepare!

In other news, I have been taking a photography class. I have been interested in improving my photography skills so I decided to take a little class and learn how to take a good picture. Life is too short for crappy pictures. With a professional photographer teaching the class, hopefully I'll pick up something : )

That's all for now! Gonna watch the superbowl- scratch that- the commercials. William is sick so it's just me and him tonight while Andrew watching the game down the street.

Be back soon!