Thursday, May 13, 2010

Catch Up

Dear patient blog readers,

I need to play catch up. I'm such a bad blogger and I'm sorry!
As usual updating the ol' blog has taken a backseat to other necessary tasks of the day such as feeding William, cooking dinner and maintaining a clean house. Since I've last written, we've been to the beach, seen both sets of grandparents, traveled to Nashville, and played in the lake!


Now to get down to the important business at hand...William is such a happy boy! He loves to play with his toys. And then throw them. And then crawl to get them. And then put them in his mouth and drool all over them.

Side note: in case you didn't recognize, the lady above is me. I got my hair CHOPPED. Way short. It was a new hair lady and now I know I've got to tell her to cut two inches, all the while knowing she'll cut four.

William is now crawling like crazy. He is everywhere! And in to everything.

Naturally, I have moved the Tupperware down to a cabinet that he can reach : )

So far this summer we've been doing some of this:

And this:

This summer has been going really, really well! We are just enjoying being outside and playing with neighborhood friends!

I'll be back soon with pics from Kindermusik!