Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Europe, Daily Walk, and August

Hello blogger friends! I should totally be ironing the big stack of clothes on my dryer right now, but instead I am choosing to procrastinate and blog!

So, my parents are vacationing in Europe right now for TWENTY ONE DAYS!!! How jealous is everyone after reading that? They are touring Brussels, Amsterdam, France, Austria and Switzerland. A few highlights of their trip will be touring the location of Sound of Music and a riverboat cruise down the Rhine River! Doesn't that sound nice? Retirement is working out well for them!

Back at the ranch, William and I have been doing the same ol, same ol: zoo, pool, playgroup and playroom. A new highlight of my day is walking with William after I have my morning cup of coffee. Before I thought he would fall asleep in the stroller since it's right before his morning nap, but it really hasn't been a problem. The birds chirping, dumptrucks going by and the landmower sounds keep him awake and interested! Plus, I get a little exercise too!

This weekend we will be attending little miss Rylee Banta's one year birthday party! She is just the sweetest little thing in the world and I cannot wait to celebrate her first year of life with the Bantas.

Preparations have begun for the month of August at our house. August is big for us- Andrew's 28th birthday is on the 10th and our four year anniversary falls on the 19th. I am planning on making Andrew a two layer vanilla cake with chocolate icing- his favorite! Don't worry, I can totally write this on here because he never reads it, ha!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fourth of July Recap

Well, there's been lots going on around here lately. We packed up and drove to Reliance, TN to visit Andrew's family over the Fourth of July holiday. His aunt and uncle just renovated a mountain cabin on the Hiwassee River.

We thoroughly enjoyed it! I think it was beneficial for William to get to be around his older cousins.

I think they enjoyed it too.

One afternoon, Andrew, myself and Gracie paired up with his cousin Matt and his wife Casey and decided to go rafting down the Hiwasee River! Picture the Ocoee, but at half strength. The rapids were a bit mild, but it was fun to get away from responsibility and enjoy the outdoors.

Gracie, Andrew's 9 year old neice, came back home to Birmingham with us and stayed a week. We were busy when she was here! We went to the zoo, the pool, the playground, and everywhere in between!

William is just growing and growing. He's 10.5 months now and closing in fast on the one year mark! He is crawling, crawling, crawling and in to everything! We've had to buy cabinet locks, electrical socket plugs and gates! What a change from the baby stage, my how I wish sometimes he would just be still and lie down for a second. Ha! Yeah right.

Hope everyone has a great Monday! I'll be back soon with more pictures of our summer.